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Jerry Umanos 890 X 400b

Dr. Jerry Umanos

Dr. Jerry Umanos, servant of God, husband, father, friend, and pediatrician was murdered in Kabul, Afghanistan in April of 2014. His life touched many both inside and outside the USA and his death hit very close to home as I have friends and family who work for Lawndale Christian Health Center who knew and loved him. As the event unfolded, the …

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Elisabet Elliot 890 X 400

Elisabeth Elliot

Even though I never knew Elisabeth, she seemed to always be present in our family. Her books were threaded through my mother’s bookshelves … and then in mine. My grandparents were Plymouth Brethren missionaries at the same time as Jim and Elisabeth Elliot and reading her books gave me an idea of what their lives must have been like as …

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Charles De Foucauld1

Charles de Foucauld

CHARLES DE FOUCAULD was born in Strasbourg, France on September 15th, 1858. Orphaned at the age of six, he and his sister Marie were raised by their grandfather in whose footsteps he followed by taking up a military career. He lost his faith as an adolescent. His taste for easy living was well known to all and yet he showed …

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Ned Meharg Valiant

Ned Meharg

Ned Meharg left a lasting impression on all who knew him. Can I tell you about him? He was an Australian bushman from Bundeberg, Queensland. Ned was a large angular man with a craggy face who radiated warmth and kindness. He was born into a God fearing home. Over time, a burning desire grew within him to go to South …

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John Sergy Valiant1

Rev. John M. Sergey

Reverend John M. Sergey led yearly missions to the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War, helping millions of Slavic evangelical Christians practice and maintain their faith. During this time, he broadcast a daily radio program into the Soviet Union called “Words of Hope.” Dr. Ray Pritchard of Keep Believing Ministries accompanied Rev. Sergey on one of his many …

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Father Frans Vander Lugt

Frans Van Der Lugt

In 1964, Frans Van Der Lugt left Holland to study Arabic in Lebanon. He then moved on to Syria in 1966 and considered it to be his home. Van Der Lugt was a well-known figure in Homs, a rebel-held city that has been under a government siege for more than a year. The priest was respected by many for his …

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R J Thomas

R.J. Thomas

Outside the city of Seoul, Korea stands the memorial to the martyrs of the Korean church. Interestingly, the first picture in the gallery is of a Welshman, R. J. Thomas. He was a missionary to Asia who had a big heart for Korea, but it was a hermit kingdom. No foreigners were allowed in. So he went to China instead, …

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Betty Stam

Betty Stam: A Woman Who Promised All

I first read about Betty Stam while reading a book by Elisabeth Elliot. She included a prayer that Betty had prayed early in life. This is that prayer: In 1934, John and Betty Stam were new missionaries to China, with a 3-month-old daughter, Helen, working in the small eastern town of Tsingteh, which is today called Jingde, in Anhui Province. …

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Cambridge Seven Valiant

The Cambridge Seven

Having been accepted as missionaries by Hudson Taylor of the China Inland Mission the seven were scheduled to leave for China in early February 1885. Before leaving the seven held a farewell tour to spread the message across the country — it was during this tour that someone dubbed them “The Cambridge Seven.” For the next month, the seven toured …

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